Our garden and music making is continuing to thrive! Following the challenge of Robin's 2018 Fit as Fiddle venture which led to him being voted as a finalist for Scotland's Charity Champion, we continue to promote MiHC by opening our garden to visitors. We very much enjoy chatting about our garden, flowers, Birsay and Orkney in general to those passers-by who choose to come up to the garden gate. We often give information about places to visits nearby, as well as asking about visitors' own home areas.

Robin always finishes each visit with at least one violin tune that relates to the visitors, as well as playing one or two of his Fit as a Fiddle compositions. So far this summer we have been able to open the garden on a number of sunny days and we hope to continue well into the autumn as well as reopening next summer. Our ongoing fund raising helps MiHC organise therapeutic musical events in hospitals, care homes and centres/schools for adults and children across Scotland. The surprise and delight of music making and personal engagement that visitors experience when Robin plays to them mirrors the feeling of wellbeing created by the MiHC musicians.

Our garden is thriving despite being so close to the sea; perhaps part of it's nurturing is due to Robin's playing!

Check out our photos below to see flowers and visitors enjoying sunshine and music. If you are following suggestions detailed on the Visit Orkney website and travel out to visit the Earl's Palace, St Magnus Church, Birsay Bay Tearoom, and Palace Stores, then join us up the lane in our Annie's Place garden.


Fit as Fiddle Garden 7


Fit as Fiddle Garden 1


Fit as Fiddle Garden 2


Fit as Fddle Garden 6


Fit as Fiddle Garden 3


Fit as Fiddle garden 4


Fit as Fiddle Garden 5


Fit as a Fiddle Garden 8