What wonderful weather we have been having on Birsay Bay, Orkney during the school "tattie picking" holiday this year....sunshine, warmth and no wind, with only one day of rain which we can accept as it has enabled our garden plants to continue to flourish! The garden photo at the end shows that even the honey bees are relishing this autumn sunshine while we enjoy a picnic lunch on our shoreline bench. What more could we ask?....other than.... "Please let this sunshine continue tomorrow!" There is no need for more words as the photos below say it all!

Would you like to join our picnic?....just come to Annie's Place!

Off season Picnic


Relaxing in the warmth of our Annie's Place shoreline seating.

Off Season Picnic 2


A glorious panorama of Birsay Bay at 2pm on 17th October 2019

Off season Picnic 3


We don't just have golden sunsets on Birsay Bay but also golden flowers loving the sunshine!

Happy Mid October Flowers 4


Honey bees relishing an unexpected autumn treat.

Happy Mid October flowers