It is a relief for us that in these stressful and uncertain times, we can look out our window and feel the calming effect of the beautiful seascapes which are a tonic for us here in Palace, Birsay.

Even although there are, as yet, no recorded cases of people in Orkney being infected with Covid19, Robin and I are taking the required hygiene precautions for our own safety. We are also taking very seriously the advice to self isolate and are not going out beyond our immediate location so as to avoid unnecessary personal and physical contacts. We are contacting all family and friends by phone or digital links. We are planning to use video links to tell our grandchildren bedtime stories and on Mother's Day we will wave to our son and his family from our window as they leave shopping for us at our outside door. 

Attached are recent winter/early spring photos of the Bay which highlight the joy we are so lucky to experience here, even in these stormy times. Enjoy the photos, but please don't plan to visit for a while. If you do wish to experience the beauty here for yourselves, then we will be delighted to welcome you to Annie's Place...BUT.... not until the dangers of Coronavirus have passed. Then you can choose to book at any time in a healthier and safe period: Birsay Bay will be as beautiful as this at any time in the future!


Storm clouds receding:

Covid19 E

Feeding frenzy at high tide:

Covid19 C


Swans waiting to surf the waves:

Swans enjoying Birsay bay calm


A murmuring of starlings overhead:

Covid19 A


A peaceful end to a winter's day: