One of the reasons why we chose to live in Palace, Birsay is because the garden path of our home, The Old Manse and Annie's Place, leads directly onto the shoreline of Birsay Bay. We regularly advise our self catering holiday guests that, throughout the year, they might see panoramic views of the setting sun sinking into the sea and lighting up the sky with a myriad of colours.

In winter, the sun highlights the high cliffs of Marwick Head and moves north across the horizon of Birsay Bay to beyond the Brough of Birsay, before making its gradual return journey back south. At this time of year the sun has emerged from behind the cliffs and is setting clearly into the sea, south-west from our shoreline view.

Check out the link below which shows you typical sunset photographs I took earlier this evening and have posted on the Annie's Place Facebook page. The golden glow from the sun veiled by grey clouds is spectacular, as is the sight of the unusual, upward setting sun rays. 

Click the link and enjoy : .