Thinking of staying at Annie's Place? Panoramic views of our setting in peaceful village of Palace on Birsay Bay may confirm your wish to be here!

These views can be seen in the video of an event recorded recently when The Old Manse/Annie's Place in Palace village, Birsay was the setting for the unveiling of a historic blue plaque in memory of the first minister to live here in the mid to late 18th century. Robin and I present the event of talks, music and light hearted verse to commemorate Revd George Low, botanist, natural scientist and historian.

The underlined link below takes you to the Orkney International Science Festival's (OISF) video of this event. At the beginning and end of the video you can enjoy panoramic, aerial views of the village of Palace, with The Old Manse/Annie's Place in its central setting on the shoreline of Birsay Bay, next to St Magnus Kirk and its historic graveyard. Close by are the picturesque ruins of the 16th century Earl's Palace. A short distance further along the bay is the tidal island of Brough of Birsay. More detailed aerial views of these sites is also available to view on a second video on the OISF site; all of these places are within easy walking distance from Annie's Place. 

When you land on the OISF page there is a statement saying the event has passed! HOWEVER, you can still watch online by scrolling half way down the page to the first YouTube consent box. Click "I Accept" and then click in the centre of the picture of our garden called Join Us for Lunch. The video will start with a wonderful panoramic view of Birsay Bay and Palace village. The background music is Robin playing his specially composed fiddle tune, George Low's Welcome to Birsay, as the film moves down to our garden flowers. Robin's music continues at the end of the event, as the film zooms out of our garden to give panoramic views of our setting on the shoreline  of Birsay Bay.

Orkney International Science Festival YouTube recording.

The blue plaque is set on the wall of the Old Manse for all visitors to Palace village to see. If you do come to stay at Annie's Place and want more information about George Low we will be happy to provide this!

George Low Plaque

AP flowery entrance


Annies Place garden July 2017