Earls Palace Birsay OrkneyAt Annie's Place, for all our summer season self-catering guests, we thought you might like to have our suggestions of the best places to visit in Orkney on each day of your holiday. Each week during March-April 2016, Annie's Place blog will take you through a day-by-day visit to places easily reached from our accommodation at Palace on the NW tip of Mainland Orkney.

But first, let's introduce you to Palace, as it was 100 years ago, from an old Valentines postcard which was purchased online in Germany last September by one of our 2015 guests, who was so fascinated by his Orkney stay that he began to dig up his own “photo-archaeology”.

In this old postcard, you will see Palace as it was before the post-war village shop and surrounding houses were built. The bridge across Boardhouse river is clearly visible, with its rustic path, while The Old Manse (Annie's Place) has its 19th century style window panes and The Earls Palace is the ruin in the background. Note – woolies are still hung out to dry in the wind in 2016.

Join us next week, for your First Day (Saturday) adventures, to plan your 2016 summer holiday in our historic village.