Our self catering guests love the fact that they can see wonderful sunsets throughout the year from the shoreline walk only a few yards along the garden gate from Annie’s Place front door. They can stand and watch from the garden wall, or sit on the shoreline bench, having a relaxing chat whilst sipping a drink of their choice and watching the sun disappearing into the sea. The after effects of reds, golds and pinks that light the sky are as magical as the cooler shades of the Northern Lights, and are much more easily seen at any time of the year and sometimes even after a non-sunny day! The photos below provide a small sample of the delights to be enjoyed from our garden wall if you choose to come and stay at Annie's Place during any month in the year.

All Photos have been taken with an iPhone and have not been edited in any way....the sunsets and Birsay Bay just looked like these photos to the naked eye!


Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 5

Sunset 6

Sunset 7

Sunset 8

Sunset 9

Sunset 10