Our plans for keeping us all safe at Annie’s Place 

Anne and Robin

Covid19 has not gone away therefore Robin and I are still being very careful to follow Government advice in order to keep everyone safe at Annie's Place. Social distancing, the wearing of masks and gloves, hand washing and appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces etc remain imperative.  BUT we still hope new and returning guests will feel as welcome and “at home” as possible!

In addition to the measures we are taking, our advice to guests is as follows:

  • Please order home testing kits to use three days before and on day of your travel. We would appreciate if you can advise us of results of these tests;
  • Holiday insurance is recommended in case Covid 19 causes you extra expense;
  • Arrival time is now from 17.00 onwards. The door will be unlocked with disinfected keys on hall hooks;
  • A Welcome Folder will be on the kitchen table;
  • Some guests choose to bring their own pillows and other linen. This is not a requirement, but please let me know in advance if you decide to do this;
  • Cleaning materials will be provided for you, should you require them;
  • On departure please leave all windows open (but not beyond 20cms);
  • Please put all linen for washing in bin bags (provided under kitchen sink), secure the bags and leave them outside the main door;
  • Please aim to leave Annie's Place by 10.00 at the latest;
  • We will look out for your departure and say goodbye at a social distance! 
  • Finally! we would appreciate if you could complete the review request sent independently by our Freetobook booking site. 
  • Thank you for your cooperation!

Measures Robin and I are Taking to Keep us all Safe

Robin and I have both received our two doses of a Covid vaccination and are in general good health. In addition we are also participants in an Oxford University study:  "Covid 19 Infection". This means we are tested monthly to check if we have Covid 19. We are glad to report that all test results have been negative! We are also self testing before we enter Annie's Place to begin cleaning for new guests.

Normally, Robin and I welcome guests, briefly show them around and answer any questions.  We will still be happy to help you, but we will continue to keep a social distance by meeting with you outside the accommodation.

We have made changes to our normal practices following the standards set by the Scottish Government, the Association of Scottish Self Caterers and Visit Scotland. As these require us to thoroughly clean, disinfect and enable air to flow through Annie’s Place, we are asking guests to arrive from 17.00 onwards, and to depart by 10.00 at the latest. We thank you for this consideration. 

Careful hand washing is still recommended as the best safety measure for us all, therefore guests will find appropriate hand sanitiser by the front door of Annie's Place, as well as soap dispensers in kitchen and bathroom.

You will see from the cleaning checklist we leave in the Welcome Folder, that all areas, including surfaces, utensils, bedding protectors, curtains, blind cords, floors and carpets will be disinfected or steam cleaned according to official guidance. We have recently purchased a dishwasher for Annie's Place to add further re-assurance regarding the cleanliness of kitchen utensils.

We exchange many items after each guest’s stay, therefore, such items for your use will have been cleaned and stored for at least one week.  In order to achieve this, we have reduced the amount of crockery, pans etc. Nor will we be leaving any spare linen, tourist leafelts and toys in the apartment. Should you require any articles that we have removed, or have any other queries, then please let us know and we will be pleased to assist you as required.

Finally, as instructed in official guidance, we are also requesting that at the end of your holiday, you remove all Annie's Place linen, place in the black bags provided and then leave these outside the front door. 

Thank you so much for choosing to stay at Annie’s Place.

We hope you have a great holiday and we can welcome you back again!

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