Started planning your spring holiday break for 2019? Hopefully these pictures will tempt you to come to Annie's Place on Birsay Bay. These photos taken today, showcase the wonderful sea path walk from our self catering apartment doorstep. Guests love to walk to the garden wall, through the gate and onwards to the Brough of Birsay, the Whalebone, and the Northside Cliffs along The St Magnus Way. Come and stay with us and we will point you in the direction of these, and many more, wonderful seaside walks! Ramblers are very welcome at Annie's Place as at any time of year walkers can relax and enjoy wonderful scenery as in the photos below..

Our gateway to the sea.

repaired gate


Stunning Birsay Bay

Mystic Birsay Bay


Mystical Marwick Head in afternoon sunshine

Mystic Marwick Head


Brough of Birsay Beach at High Tide

Brough of Birsay beach


Aliens on the Beach!

Aliens on the beach


Waves at the edge of the Brough

Waves across the sea


Lace cloth on the rock!

Waves like a lace cloth,


Birsay Bay Whale Bone.

whale bone


Those Aliens again!

Aliens at large


Caves below Northside.

Northlink caves